Belief in Angels (الملائكة)

ALLAH ( الله سبحانه و تعالى ) has created many creations. One of his creations is Angels (الملائكة)

Allah ( الله ) created the Angels (الملائكة) from light. Angels (الملائكة) are pure spirits. They are servants of Allah ( الله ). Angels do all what Allah ( الله ) tells them to do.

Each of them are given jobs to do

Four Angels (الملائكة) commonly known are

• Jibril (جبرائيل عاليه السلام) also know as Gibrial. He brought messages to All Prophets also know as Wahi (الوحي).

• Mikail ( مكائيل عاليه السلام) responsible to control the weather, clouds and rain.

• Israfil (اسرافيل عاليه السلام) will blow the trumpet on the Day of Judgement.

• Israel (إسرائيل عاليه السلام) also known as Malak-ul-Mawt means one responsible to bring death.

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